Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The spooky part of anything is the illusion of its permanence. For example, pain. It is freaky to think that a tooth will hurt forever. Nothing is forever. Imagine how often thing change-- glaciers melt, leaves fall and our "must haves" eventually fade out... even our breath will cease its exquisite role in the body. Although we are all flames of the same inexhaustible fire-- there is no way to escape the deep awareness of our body’s movement from the present: aka death. And it all comes down to death. How spooky it is! And positively radical too!

Halloween: blatant, eerie, hilarious.. sucking down sugar, seeking the strangeness of sudden confrontation... celebrating darkness while masking begging with receiving. The dense quality of night that arrives with no warning. So often, especially at this time, i am stilled by the ever-present spooky quality of the human existence.

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lil' ol karebear said...

ps. that is the only time i will ever use the term 'radical', unless,of course, we are speaking of phosphorescence.