Saturday, November 04, 2006

It would be inappropriate to indulge my reader (that's you) in the mayhem of the mind, for some thoughts are pure chaos: ideas that spurt furiously into senseless concepts. We all have the intricate details that embellish our separate lives; we are a myriad of passions, doldrums and epiphanies- which can be so very confusing!

Confusion is ignorance, the very root cause of our suffering, as the great Buddha taught. This suffering takes shape in the throat of separateness. We must be in union with a universal omnipresence and let go of the desire to have an individual ‘self’ in order to attain jnana (true knowledge). It is that which has been written, read, and said over and over again through the canons of time, from ancient scrolls to bathroom walls.

If we could just detach from this scene for a moment, allow blessed space and concentrated awareness to open the heart, admire the thought, accept a feeling.. know that all is One.. then we just might have yoga.

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Dirk_Star said...

Uh, never take Ghandi from strangers...