Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On distraction...

Some say that any distraction from the present moment is the ego’s attempt to dissuade our Higher Self’s evolution. We are continually reminded to Be Here Now. It comes to no surprise that equal in number to these healthy 'spiritual post-its’ are the nagging distractions of the outer world. Please forgive me for clinging to polarities here, but i can't help but wonder: are all distractions bad? These days i feel increasingly ‘medium’ minded and distractions just seem to be a trustworthy vehicle for change and growth… allow me to explain.. perhaps there is a lil' habit one wants to change- trying again and again to stop that lil' habit she finally begins concentrating on the habitual movement (from moment to moment) using concentration as a distraction; in this way, re-paving the pathways of the mind and placing focus on the inner and the outer world; one foot in and one foot out; allowing conciousness to hold the action,
rather than letting it all go on auto-pilot!
Perhaps this is what Coach Ilg was illuminating when he wrote:
"Am i grasping or am i concentrating?"

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