Monday, November 13, 2006

i love to write about the sweet and abstract, the obvious and sometimes scandalous approaches we humans take on life-- change, impermanence, death, and union have all made the list this month, and so, in the season of using my own voice.. i am reminded:
YES all things change, and also- CHANGE TAKES TIME. Consider if you will, how long a desert stone could lay upon Mother Earth before some crystal hound comes lifting her up and mindfully moving her. It could take 27,000 years for that stone to change position!
In my personal experience, some things take a very long time to change.. especially encrusted negative tendencies and habits- for example, it took years and years to recognize the self defeating process of substance abuse- so that now, with Awareness and Patience, i can in-joy the intricate and much more exhilarating, sparkling nature of life itself!
However.. it may take a while longer, perhaps lifetimes, to unmask some of the other aspects of our ubiquitous being. is Life the movement from moment to moment...?

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