Thursday, September 21, 2006

This morning I awoke with a renewed sense of psychotic;
the dream realm and the waking realm aligned in the most incomprehensible and delightful ways.
Because today is my Earth time Birthday, it is my wish to share with you the insanity of imagination that swam through my ‘mind’ last night.

We begin with apocalypse, a typical dreamscape for me. There are bricks and crumbling buildings from which I am running, sprawling and fleeing; it’s a city in an earthquake, a dust avalanche, and an ant farm being crushed by an enormous child. Terrifying.
In short, we are tuned directly into the familiar realms of escapism.

Anonymous mobs of gray human-ess beings chase me relentlessly through this demolishing reality. The ground is disappearing beneath my feet, the sky is consuming itself…
Briefly, I find safety in nearby restroom: a place to purge and relax in the most allegorical of ways. Here we play hide and seek with our fear. Dress it up in black and white. Dull it out with this, that, here and there…
My intention, however, is lost in the attempted escape from the chaotic mind. And so, seeking solace in hollowed walls, I begin grasping for safety--like a cat with its paw under the door. I find my hands clutching a device that flashes a tiny red light. This light, as I understood it, held control over the psyche- it was the start/stop button of the mind. As long as I held down this red light, the impeding mob (lower self) could surrender to the vast Opening of the True Mind!

As I heroically held down the button for, what I felt was, all of humanity, the ‘force’ knocked me into yet another dimension. This "port hole" was quite different-- in fact, it maintained a Polynesian quality. Suddenly, I was on an island of tropical bliss; girls in grass skirts, white sand and a community of islanders that stared at me, knowingly.. Had they seen me pass through that dimensional tear over there, if so, do they know that destruction and disillusion lay waiting on the other side? After cautiously and fearfully surveying this, albeit, lush illusion of safety, I decided to flee...
Now on a massive train, apparently being held captive again, I am forced to strip naked and place blood samples of the backs of the seats in front of me. This part was oh-so freaky!

The train was reminiscent of some sort of holocaustic endeavor. I was scared.

From here.. I can’t recall what happed. Somehow we are back in the original city of brick and demolition, the battle for survival still going...

So, thank you for reading by Birthday dream, and if any of you dream analysts want to give this shit a shot-- go to it!

All my Love
Dare to Dream,

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