Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It is not so much that we wish to ponder over what has happened and why it has happened, but rather How Does It Effect Us as spiritual beings. What kind of responsibility, in terms of responding to outer circumstances, puts on us our spiritual belief system? We might be Buddhist believing in the Noble Truth, that life is suffering and all is impermanent; we might be Advaitists believing that there is only the Self; we might have a concept that all what happens is only an illusory movement on the unchanging screen of Consciousness But do we really live our beliefs? It appears that in our everyday life we are just like everybody else - Frightened Human Beings! Isn't it so? What the event in America is facing us with is our own Fear and fundamental sense of insecurity. We are just living in a dream..

What should be our response to the terrorist's [theorist!!] attacks on America? We need to re-awaken our complete commitment to the Path! We need to take full responsibility for our evolution. There is no other way to transcend our unconscious conviction that the world of appearances is Real. When Ramana was asked by Yogananda about suffering of the world, he answered with the question: 'who is suffering?' He pointed to his own realization the ultimate truth that There is Only God. But unless God is realized, all this is just theoretical and the suffering Me is painfully real. To transcend suffering is to expand beyond the frontiers of our 'ordinary' limited perception of reality. Unless we merge with the other dimension of Pure Beingness we have no hope for a true Peace inside. There is no other way. But how to do it? There is a Way. This Way is not easy. Neither it is difficult. Evolution into God-realization is our destiny. Sooner or later it has to be accomplished. It is time to do the Inner Work and transcend the lethargy of unconscious living which is locked within the collective psyche..

"The soul which cannot endure fire and smoke
won't find the Secret." - Rumi

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