Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yesterday I bought a dream journal. It is beautiful with rainbow threads and light blue pleather. My dreams have been remarkable (to say the least) and I felt like recording them would be helpful in self-reflection. First off, I have a new appreciation for the vast genius and creative enormity of our subconscious minds. I might have to call it our super-conscious minds. Our ability to create magical works of art, or music or poetry is infinite. How many times a night so I lay dormant while my mind creates these elaborate scenarios to clue me in, just a little bit, to the makings of my reality.

This week I dreamed about my deepest fears of abandonment, of death and annihilation, of my inner child. Last night, I was in a large house and scrambling to close all the windows because a killer 'fog' was trying to get in. This 'fog' as it were, was dependent upon my thoughts and feelings. If I had a pleasant or uplifting thought, the fog would be less deadly. The house was floating through the sky and I watched as a almost Eastern European landscape emerged under the fog. When I awoke, I read this:

"Buddha sat in serene and humble dignity on the ground, with the sky above him and around him, as if to show us that in meditation you sit with open, skylike attitude of mind, yet remain present, earthed, and grounded. The sky is our absolute nature, which has no barriers and is boundless, and the ground is our reality, our relative, ordinary condition.

The posture we take when we meditate signifies that we are linking absolute and relative, sky and ground, heaven and earth, like two wings of a bird, integrating the skylike deathless nature of mind and the ground of our transient, mortal nature."

I had the feeling that the 'fog' was representative of the quality of my mind; I must focus on staying positive, clear and grounded.

There is no reason to hide from something that you alone are controlling. Mind control.
At least that is my interpretation for today.

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