Friday, March 20, 2009

In my dreams:

I almost died three times.

First, I was driving along an overpass as my car lost control; I was forced onto the guard rail and eventually over it. Miraculously, I grasp hold of the rail and watch as my van plummets toward the ground.

Second near death was another car accident. This time, however, I am flung into tree tops and I fly Tarzan style until I am safe.

The third car crash, I am near a beautiful river with spring flowers and I glide happily, knowingly, to my near death death experience.

Am I grasping at life? Do I fear death or do I go towards death with elated spirit?

"At the moment of death, our state of mind is all-important. If we die in a positive frame of mind, we can improve our next birth, despite our negative karma. And if we are upset and distressed, it may have a detrimental effect, even though we may have used our lives well. This means that the last thought and emotion that we have before we die has an extremely powerful determining effect on our immediate future.

This is why the masters stress that the quality of the atmosphere around us when we die is crucial. With our friends and relatives, we should do all we can to inspire positive emotions and sacred feelings, like love, compassion, and devotion, and all we can to help them to "let go of grasping, yearning, and attachment."

~Sogyal Rinpoche

I massaged a woman recently who had the words Carpi Diem tattooed on her rear.

Seize the day!

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