Friday, October 27, 2006


1. Men who regularly carry their mobiles near the groin, on a belt or in a pocket could
potentially have their sperm count reduced by as much as 30 percent. Source: (ACA, Hungarian Research)

2. Radio waves are believed to cause interference with heart pacemakers and other
medical devices. In Japan, it is now recommended that using a cell phone on a train should be avoided. People are asked to turn off their mobile phones when around seats reserved for the elderly and handicapped, or when on a crowded train. Source:

3. In the case of children and young people under the age of 16, the UK Chief Medical
Officers strongly advise to use mobile phones for essential purposes only and to keep all calls short. Source: Stewart Inquiry U.K., chaired by EMF/EMR expert Sir William Stewart

4. Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, refuses insurance coverage to cell phone and power generating companies against damage to workers’ and consumers’ health. Source:

5. Since 2005, there have been 7 state class action lawsuits, and 2 workman’s compensation lawsuits brought against various wireless equipment manufacturers and employers. Source: Dr. G. Carlo, Chief Scientist of the World’s Largest Research Effort into Wireless Safety

6. In new Verizon contracts in fine print -- upon signing the contract the customer is asked to agree not to sue the Cell Phone Maker or participate in a Class Action Lawsuit. Source: Verizon Cell Phone Service Contract

7. Talking 500 minutes per month on a cell phone increases the probability of brain cancer by 140%. Some studies show up to 300 percent increase when using the cell phone between 500 and 1,000 minutes per month. Source: Wire Technology Research, Second State of the Science Colloquium Book; January 2001 Journal of the American Medical Association; Early Hardell studies.

8. There are 30,000 to 50,000 new cases of brain and eye cancer each year worldwide attributed to Cell Phone usage. Source: Epidemic Curve, Safe Wireless Initiative.

9. Teenagers talk on cell phones an average of 2600 minutes per month. Source: Safe Wireless Initiative study conducted in Buffalo, New York in early 2005.

10. Disney Corporation, who 5 years ago turned down $2 million per year licensing fee for
use of Disney Characters due to cell phone radiation safety concerns, in July of 2005 announced its plans to launch a “family-centric, Disney-branded wireless phone network called Disney Mobile, which will sell mobile service, custom handsets, and premium phone content featuring Disney characters”. Source:

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