Thursday, June 05, 2008

Last night was clear and i fell asleep to the stars gleaming through my closed eyelids.
Last night i danced 'eighties' style before embracing in a sacred hug with a group of friends; i gave an hour long massage as the person on my table wept; i played tickle monster with baby Theo long after he tired of it (but i had not!)
This June day is my Mom's birthday.
What a gift that she is!
i have her heart. i have her sensitivity. i have her love for babies.

This June morning i awoke to the sounds of hail upon my window.
It reminds me that each day the flavors are different;
while some days are 'good' and others may be 'bad'
always, always, always
i can feel my mother's heart
and i know
in the end
everything will be just fine.

Happy Birthday Mamacita! karen Loves you!

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