Friday, March 07, 2008

here is the Bio i posted at a show that starts tonight at Java Joes...
it will be up for a month!

Artist: Karen Carmona

Karen Carmona is a contemporary painter who presently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She grew up in the rolling hills of Southern California and then moved to Washington where she earned her BFA in Fine Arts. Karen mainly does oil paintings and acrylic paintings but has tampered in sculpture and printmaking.
Currently Karen Carmona is teaching art in Santa Fe Public Schools and is involved in the healing arts as a massage therapist.

Abstract art, in which objects are not depicted in their original state but rather as shapes and colors in a non-objective way, has influenced her a lot. Most of her paintings are abstract in form and depict her freedom of expression. She mainly uses very bright and bold colors in her acrylic and oil paintings. She mostly does her paintings on canvas, yet some of her pieces exhibited here are painted on wood panels; these pieces express her intrigue with recycled materials.

Karen Carmona mainly presents images from her dreams and imagination. She allows her thoughts to flow in a free manner and that is what forms the base of most of her paintings All the paintings of Karen Carmona clearly depict her expressionism and inner thoughts. It is the artist's intention that her paintings may be hung in multiple directions. There are online shops where one can order and buy the paintings of Karen Carmona.

"My images are created from
moments: forms found in
glimpses of self-realization.
Images are fluid in experience
and created in a process from

Please feel free to contact the artist or visit her website:

(818) 857-9857

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