Monday, February 26, 2007

had this crazy dream last night, and so I wrote it down for my sister as a birthday offering. not sure what it is offering, yet, here it goes..Jd’s Birthday Dream:

(a vivid and fun one, lots of detail and emotion)

So you and I are wandering through a forest of thick bramble and woodsy terrain. Suddenly the skies go dark; there is no visibility in this strange and slightly frightening place. So after following you, arm in arm, and getting nowhere, (your even directionally challenged in my dreams) we decide to let lil’ ol me take the lead. Gracefully, as if by magic, we mazed our way through the branches, puddles and frightful mystery… And as suddenly as the dark closed in, we had found a way out!

As the end of the forest approached there was a beautiful scene of cliffs and breaking ocean waves. Arm in arm we dove into the sapphire blue sea and let the waves toss us around like little children. Then… HARK! Karen spots a boat at sea! As she swims for it, JD bobs in the water waiting to see what the fuss is.

When she finally reached the deck of the boat, in the dim light of exhaustion and with a glimmer of hope, she sees it- a dead man with eyes wide open.

“Jenny, get up here, there’s a dead guy!”

She climbs up to the assumed and in disbelief whispers into Karen’s ear: “Sweet, look at this boat!”

And so JD and Karen make themselves at home on this dead stranger’s boat, finding the most comfortable bed, the most delicious foods and with a Goldilocks approach, settled in for the night.

After a few hours of rest and relaxation, (after all they were just lost in a wild forest) Karen hears a noise coming from the deck. Within seconds... he appears.

The dead guy.

“What?! I thought you were dead!"

Apparently this man, this boat owner from the cliffside of the ocean, sleeps with his eyes open.

And here is where the story gets weird. Karen starts to feel certain closeness with the stranger; in fact, he seems to be befriending her parents (who suddenly enter the dream and the boat) and is looking more and more familiar to her…

Wait, its DR. MATHEWS!!!

And after a few minutes of this older Dr. from her past, courting young Karen... she realizes that everyone in the dream is OK with the fact that her Doc is coming on to her. Weird.

BEEP BEEP BEEP. Time to get up, end of dream.

*after reading this over, i realize it sounds like some freakish confession. it's not.. i guess you just have to know my sister and i to get its full meaning.

Happy birthday JD!

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