Sunday, July 23, 2006

An honesty is opening deep and wide;
It comes without asking and emerges with painful clarity.
Life is change.

Thank God.

Fumbled and re-planted in Portland Oregon just as the Village Building Convergence was shaping the soul sidewalks of its city, i too began to build from within.

Renouncing a car for a bike, a job for the time to do the real inner work, a safety net for an abyss of uncertainty.. Naked, sober and raw, i had to face the world as i am.

Here Now.

Yet, all the sustainable community had left me feeling a bit over-constructed. So..

naturally, i blew into the Southwest. Skies almost matching the vast ambiguities of my mind, thoughts free as clouds. My sister in the Pecos and i in the Rio Grande. Yoga mat hung from a Juniper. Days in the sun. Nights with the thunder. Finally, dreaming again.

I am home for now: to breath, paint, practice contentment and courage.

And with a meager cyber blink into my feeble and strange existence, along with quotes, poetry, and photography, i will begin to share something more...more real.

Dear reader, if we tear up mental cobwebs, soak our egos with tall tales or just quietly strum a familiar chord..

may we keep it real, keep it flowing..



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